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Camp KDE 2010
Camp KDE 2010 - University of California, San Diego January 15th-22nd, 2010
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I edizione gennaio 2010
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Reportage dal KDE Camp 2010, l'incontro americano annuale della community di sviluppatori di KDE (un un ambiente desktop grafico per postazioni di lavoro Unix usato in molte versioni di Linux). Da questo tipo di assembramenti di GEEKS e NERDS prende forma il futuro di Linux.


KDE events usually choose a hostel for primary accommodations as it provides close social interaction at relatively small expense. The hostel chosen this year was Banana Bungalow, on the beach of the Pacific Coast, with a few people staying at the nearby Best Western. The location was good for watching the waves, and reasonably cheap. The hostel was a decent place until it started to rain. The place was run by longer term residents of the hostel, and always had people walking around and having fun, mingling with the KDE crowd. We filled the big picnic table downstairs with laptops and saturated the hostel's wireless, something that typically happens anywhere that KDE people congregate. Of course, the stay was made more interesting by some local beverages. All was fine at the hostel until the heavy rain started on Monday. It rained so much power went down, the streets were flooded to two metres, and there was a real river flowing inside the hostel. Despite the dire circumstances, spirits were still high, and once again showed how the morale within the KDE community is something that cannot be destroyed! Fortunately, unlike the other visitors at the hostel, we were able to sneak away to the university during the day to enjoy warmth, wifi and food.